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The Chiropractic Way In Sunnyvale is a Chiropractic and Regenerative Nutrition clinic that promotes whole-body wellness with an array of chiropractic services, from back adjustments to nutritional, and massage therapy treatments. We focus on treatments of acute and chronic problems as well as rehabilitation and preventative care.

Our treatment programs are individually designed to adapt to each patient’s unique needs in order to restore the patient to optimum health without the use of drugs or surgery. We provide advanced Chiropractic treatments for issues such as weight loss, fatigue, sleep, depression, digestion, scarring and pregnancy.

Why  Healing Nutrition?

Our practice is unique because we incorporate nutrition into our treatment approach. It is well documented that chronic pain, stiff neck, headaches, problems losing weight, allergies, problems with environmental toxins, emotional imbalance or mood swings, and more, can be connected to Malnutrition and junk food.
Many of these conditions can be corrected with whole-food supplements,dietary changes, and even whole-food herbal supplements–at half the cost of pain relievers. At The Chiropractic Way, we have developed treatment programs that harness the power of nutrition to heal and restore the body. Losing weight is not a complicated process when we take the right steps, the right supplements, massive change in our eating habits and exercise on a daily basis.

New Patients evaluation

What To Expect on Your First Visit

On your first visit to The Chiropractic Way, we will address your major health concerns and evaluate your health by performing a series of non-invasive tests such as Heart Rate Variability Testing (HRV), Bio-Communication Testing ZYTO, Zinc Testing (the number one mineral deficiency in the world), Nutritional Response Testing, and Morphogenic Field Technique MFT. These tests can help us devise a treatment plan tailored specifically for your needs.

As healthcare practitioners, we want to get to know all of our patients on a personal level. We want to see if we can help you as well as understand what your expectations are for us.

On your second visit, we will provide you with full reports of your tests and express our recommendations. At this point, you are free to decide if you would like to commit to our treatment plan. Remember this is a partnership between both the patient and the practitioner. With your cooperation and commitment, we have the potential to restore your health, no matter what the health concern!

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