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I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my mom get back on track with her health. Few weeks ago, when she arrive in the USA , I saw her coming down from the gate area and I was in shock to see her. She was barely walking, in great pain from head to toe. I was crying seeing her and feeling how much pain she was in.For few days I had to lift her up, help her sit down, she would cry from pain , it was very difficult to see her in this space, a women that until few months ago was healthy and running around like any healthy person would.

A little background – 3 months before she came to the USA she experienced a major fall. She fell on her face and knees and hurt herself pretty badly and slowly started to experiencing pain in different parts of her body. In her search for cure, she reached out to Dr’s in Israel, where she lives, complaining about her growing pains all over her body and she was sent back to take Advil of other pain killer medication telling her that ‘she is not so young any more….’. she had CT scan, she went to a reflexologist, she went to see a local Chiropractor, she tried so many things to ease her pain, to see what she has, but no one really knew the answer of how to help her.

When she came here to visit us , I reached out to Dr. Meir Tako, an old friend of mine and ask for his help. Within 2 days of her arrival we started to see him every few days, and with his special treatment of P-DTR, Dr. Tako was able to start and identify what has been happening in my mom’s body, and slowly releasing the pressure she was having all over her body.

With love, patience and a lot of explanations that helped my mom understand what he is doing and how this system works, she slowly got better and better. With each treatment she was able to feel release if different parts of her body . it has been a process to get her back on her feet, and today, about 3 weeks since we started she is feeling so much better, she is getting up, walking, go to stores for a short time, have much less pains in her body and is able to feel she can take care of herself.

I don’t know where my mom would be today if she has not been treated by Dr. Meir Tako. He has helped my mom heal inside and out, and I am so so so grateful for his beautiful heart, wonderful hands and the fact that he is always looking how to do more and help more and study more so he can be the best chiropractor he can be!

I am forever grateful, seeing my mom waking freely and able to feel joy instead of pain is gift that is forever in my heart.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Dr. Tako for who you are, you saved my mom.
-Relli – February 2015

St. Louis Rams v Indianapolis ColtsWhen I first came to Dr. Tako I was 8 months post surgery from a repair to the entire lateral compartment of my knee. I had been making some progress working with athletic trainers, doctors and physical therapists, however, the progress I made with Dr. Tako over the next couple months was outstanding. The athletic trainer who was measuring my range of motion in my knee noticed the change and told me, “whatever that guy (Dr. Tako) is doing over there is working.” I then referred to Dr. Tako as the “miracle worker” to him for obvious reasons. Dr. Tako not only helped speed up the recovery process of my knee, he also fixed a number of issues that flared up surrounding the knee, most specifically my hamstring. He showed me how the whole body is connected and that one ailment could drastically effect another body part. He also helped me to pinpoint problems with my diet. I have always had an issue with dairy but I never wanted to except it. Through various tests, Dr. Tako was able to show me how my body was negatively reacting to dairy and he was spot on. I have now cut dairy completely out of my diet and feel much better. Dr. Tako is cutting edge with his diverse and effective methods of healing. He is the miracle worker!

-Nick Johnson, Professional Football Player

I began going to Dr. Tako when I was in my first trimester with my first baby. I had been having pelvic pain that limited my walking and made sleeping uncomfortable. At first was not sure what to think of what he did but quickly came to see that his adjustments did in fact make me feel better. I continued going to see him throughout the pregnancy to help my ever changing body. As my body changed, different aches would come and he knew how to adjust as well as help my hips and spine be well aligned to help my baby. I also told him about my hungers I went through. He then introduced me to his nutrition supplements or “foods” as he calls them. Dr. Tako worked his magic and found the exact supplements I was low on. I started to take them instead of the regular prenatal vitamins you find at stores. I felt a world of a difference. I had more energy and was able to tame my hunger since I was getting the right vitamins and minerals I was lacking. My daughter was born a healthy 9 lbs. Her position was just right for birth too. I have Dr. Tako to thank for a lot of my birth preparation. He is great! Thank you Dr. Tako!
– Tatiana Marchuk

OMG! If you have been suffering with chronic pain it is time to give Dr. Mier Tako a chance to give you relief. If you are accepting chronic pain as a result of getting older, don’t! There is definite relief in Dr. Tako’s methods.

It turns out that I had chronic pains that I had been dealing with for far too long. Since I have started treatments with Dr. Tako, not only have I noticed significantly lower levels of pain, but friends and family have started commenting on my higher levels of energy.

I am 59 years old and I have suffered chronic lower back for half of my life, and chronic shoulder pain (both shoulders) for almost a decade. I was never without pain. More recently, I had to stop sleeping on my side as that seemed to aggravate and give me chronic pain in both shoulders, and blaming that on getting older, I was just accepting that as a way life for me.

As I am writing this, I have been in treatment with Dr. Tako for just over a year now. At first, I could not comment on if this method was better than traditional chiropractic methods, but I could definitely say that it was at least comparable. This is from someone who was getting traditional chiropractic treatments weekly since 1985, with an average of 3 to 4 debilitating episodes yearly in various parts of my back. Now, I can say these methods are definitely superior.

For example, during my third month of treatment, I was sure it was time to get my other hip replaced since the pain levels were at an all-time high, similar to what I experienced before my first hip replacement. Dr. Tako zeroed in on my hip, and in just a few weeks I could look in the mirror and see that my spine was changing. I previously had a kind of spiral twist that had now disappeared, and with it much of the chronic pain in my hip had disappeared, as well. There is little to no pain left in the hip even after 9 months which means, of course, no surgery! I couldn’t be more delighted!

And there is more exciting news. As I started into my sixth month of treatments, for the first time in 30 years, my lower back pain almost disappeared. Unfortunately, since I was so excited to be nearly pain free, I did a new exercise workout, and overdid it, resulting in the pain returning. However, after only one treatment with Dr. Tako the pain was very nearly gone once again. I am going to continue to work out, which did set me back a little this time, but I know a little at a time with Dr. Tako’s help and with effort and conscious thought on how to balance how hard to work out as I am getting back into it, I will once again be able to be physical without setbacks.

As I continue to work with Dr. Tako, he also is teaching me to get a better understanding of how his technique works. As I continue to improve and improve, I am convinced that there are many more people that can benefit from this therapy. I have already recommended him to four of my friends, and they have reported back to me that they were greatly helped by him even though they had already been working with other more traditional chiropractors and physical therapists.

I will definitely leave my well-being in the hands of Dr. Tako. I am convinced that I will continue to improve as he continues to get to know how my body reacts.

Again, OMG! If you suffer any kind of chronic pain, either large or small, please, please, please give yourself a gift and come and see Dr. Tako.

– G. Powell – Cupertino – February 2014

When I first saw Dr Tako, I was struggling with dizziness to the point of falling down after attempting to walk a few steps. It was difficult for me to get up and walk even 10 feet. I fatigued easily and could barely do anything. When I fell down, I would be unable to speak for 3-4 minutes. I could hear questions, but I was unable to respond. I had seen at least a dozen doctors, including 3 eurologists. I was sick with this debilitating vertigo for 5 years. During this time, I lost a job I loved because I literally kept falling down on the job.As of this writing, I have seen Dr. Meir for 7 months.

I am so much better. I am so happy to be able to stand and walk most of the time that it is difficult to put into words my joy and sense of accomplishment in these seemingly simple actions.

I will list some of the areas of my life in which Dr. Meir has helped me.

Activity Level- The difference in what I used to be able to do and what I am able to do now is monumental. I was recently able to garden free standing (normally I use a walker or some sort of supportive device to help me walk or stand). I have been able to cut vegetables and do food prep while standing. In the past I would need to go sit and rest in between standing activities. It is so wonderful to be able to stand at my kitchen counter and bake or cook. For me, this feels like a miracle.

Mental Clarity-Due to excessive dizziness, I have felt incoherent and befuddled so much of the time. It was as though I were swimming underwater through the wooziness of my mind. It was difficult to think clearly, let alone write lucidly. The fact that I can write this testimonial at all is a testimony to the adroitness of Dr. Meir’s healing skill. Though I have extensive training in writing, I have NOT been able to compose even a simple, personal letter for the past few years. Dr Meir has suggested some nutrition that has helped me to be so much sharper mentally. With a degree in English and a teaching credential in English, I felt as though I had lost part of myself. Through Dr. Meir’s expertise, I feel my mind has been given back to me.

Ramps and Depth Perception-I was unable to walk on ramps (among other places) because I could not judge where the ground was. I would fall easily on even a slight incline. Dr. Meir performed a painless procedure with my vision that helped me remarkably with my depth perception. Prior to this procedure, I could not gauge where things were. Now I can tell where things are, including the ground.

Sunburn and Itching – I have been able to tolerate the sun without burning or getting a weird itching reaction since seeing Dr. Meir. Dr. Meir’s regenerative nutrition somehow has made me be able to handle the sun without a negative reaction. Even as a little girl, I did not do well with the sun. To me, this phenomenon is amazing. I did not think this was a possibility for me.

In closing, I recommend Dr. Meir Tako without reservation. He is an outstandingly caring, intelligent, gifted, resourceful, responsive, and innovative doctor and healer. I believe that anyone would benefit from seeing this doctor. If you have a troublesome health challenge as I did, Dr. Meir Tako is definitely worth a visit.

Nancy P May 2013

I was referred to Dr. Tako by my acupuncturist to help me with pregnancy related sciatic pain.

Dr. Tako has been extremely helpful in relieving my pain and has spent extra time with me on many visits to ensure I feel better after each treatment.

He has a friendly bedside manner and truly cares about his patients. I would recommend him to pregnant patients trying to find relief from pregnancy related aches and pains.

Jennie B. June 2013