CROSS-FIT Injuries

Being an international corporate attorney, with more frequent flyer miles than I know what do with, I’ve developed some aches and pains and bad habits. I eat when I can, and binge exercise irregularly. This combined with the high-stress of dealing with huge accounts, demanding client requests; I need a full-service team to help me.
I value Dr. Tako’s care. With his treatment I am able to keep up my high-strength training at Cross-Fit, hop on and off flights with less aches and pains and my eating cravings have changed to more healthy ones.
I’m hard on my body, heavy cardio, and heavy work load in the office as well. I am most days in a stressful environment and the international travel just puts additional stress which contributes to my irregular sleep patterns. The Kava Forte and my regularly tune-up visits with Dr. Tako do the trick. He’s part of the dream-team that keeps me sane. Say hello to the good doc for me. See you on my trip back.
— G.J. San Francisco, CA


With a family history of diabetes and heart disease, it was no surprise that I was a candidate for gaining weight and all of the things that go along with that, low energy, shortness of breath, bloating, gas, cramps, and depression.
I had been seeing a chiropractor on and off since my mid-back had gone out of and now had moved to Silicon Valley and needed to find a new doc. Change of job, a divorce and being single with children, my eating habits threw me into a tail spin. Dr. Lourdes told me that if I did not get this under control she would put me on medication to control my diabetes. Thank goodness it didn’t come to that. Dr. Tako was able to help me regulate my insulin through a change in diet, nutrition, supplements, and exercise.
Additional benefits, clear skin, weight loss, back and joint pain down to a ‘near-gone’ status and I am dating again! It’s a life changer for me. I was not a happy person. I believe in his therapy, muscle testing and scar treatments and his chiropractic touch is amazing.
— Julia Z., Santa Clara, CA


My mother went through the changes in her early 50’s and I think that I semi-started pre-menopause at around the same time, but it happened with me at a slower pace and in a very subtle way that I did not recognize the damage that was happening until it happened.
It wasn’t until the lack of sleep and poor focus, and over-all just not feeling my sweet peppy self, that I was drawn to get help. I did not want to be on hormone therapy drugs. I had read about alternative medicine and diet as a good way to deal with hormones and that’s how I came to know Dr. Tako.
He worked with me to correct the deficiencies in my body, minerals, and vitamins and also helped me with scar therapy treatments. My over-all health improved, my body was not as dry, sleep improved and I no longer have hot flashes. I am also feeling steadier throughout the day without having to take caffeine. He helped me with my bad habits of too much caffeine and I no longer depend on iburophen to take care of those occasional aches and pains. The inflammation in my body has clearly gone down and It’s because I am eating, exercising correctly and seeing Dr. Tako for nutrition maintenance visits every 2 months or so. I’m a happy camper.
— C.B., Woodside, CA


Dr. Tako is not just a chiropractor. He also helps heal the body through nutrition. I initially came in for relief of pain in my lower back, which started when I had injured myself while exercising. I was in my mid 40’s and use to be an athlete, when I first started coming to Dr. Tako.
Because I was not doing regular exercise anymore, and I had a job that caused me to sit more than walk, I knew my back would need serious help, when I became injured. That’s when I found Dr. Tako. His style of chiro care is unique. Not the whack and crack, not the “in and out you go adjustments”. He combines it with muscle testing, energy field work and more.
He found inflammation & injuries about my body that I thought I had to live with and initially did NOT even think to mention to him. Like my rotator cuff injury from years back, and the pain that I got from time to time in the heal of my foot. Not only did I get my back pain relieved, I also recovered from these other injuries. My digestion and energy was also corrected. A HUGE plus! Something, again, that I did not know was contributing to my overall aches & pains, wellness and energy.
Today I rarely get aches and pains due to inflammation, because of the improved diet and supplements I take that Dr. Tako recommended. It’s so worth it to me. Not something I thought I would ever have gotten such improvement from. I’m a man. It’s never been easy to get me to change my routine, but believe me, when I feel this good, I don’t do without it. I don’t need to see Dr. Tako as much today and now am on a maintenance visit 4 times a year or so.
I’m not the doctor, I don’t know what others would need as far as how many visits it takes for you to get well, but the thing is this, you DO get better & get well. That’s something different than the forever visits others have had from chiropractic care that was not complete care like this! His care is tailored to each person. For me, I am a believer and a walking testimony that I am pain-free, able to exercise and enjoy life, with more energy than I had in my 20’s! Seriously, I tell all of my coworkers, friends, and family about Dr. Tako.
—D.K., Campbell, CA


I’m in my 70’s and a mother of 3. We’ve traveled around the world and I feel I have lived 10 life-times, with all of the beautiful opportunities I’ve been given. My ability to enjoy my life today is in big part because I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Tako. He was the only doctor that did not dismiss me as crazy. He kept with me to get to the bottom of all of my symptoms and I am a walking miracle.
I follow his recommendations completely and I continue to see results. My adrenal glands were fatigued, I had parasites, joint and back pain and I was always anxious, nervous and easily irritated and feeling out of sorts mentally. Yes, it took over a year to get me here, but no one else, and I mean NO ONE else has gotten me this far into recovery than Dr. Tako has!
Today, I sleep, walk, eat, think and play better. I don’t care what age you are at, you need to know how your body functions and what to do to care for it. Meeting Dr. Tako can help get you on that road. I’m so happy it’s the path I took. Let me tell you, it’s been quite a journey!
PS my Palo Alto Medical Foundation M.D. with her blood work and bone density tests confirms that my visits with Dr. Tako have and continue to benefit me. So grateful to Dr. Tako. Thank you.
— M.L., Los Altos, CA


I had surgery on my right wrist to correct carpal tunnel. The Stanford team was wonderful but the sad part of my story is that it came back. My symptoms and pain in both of my wrists were unbelievable. I was extremely worried about having to go back in for repeated surgery on my right wrist and now on my left as well.
My girlfriend told me about Dr. Tako. I came in just for the pain in my back thinking that he was a typical chiropractor. When he interviewed me about my health, etc. we obviously talked about my past surgeries. He does “scare therapy treatment” as well. Who knew! My treatment included scare therapy, chiropractic and nutrition care.
The inflammation and pain completely went away on my left wrist and my right wrist has begun to respond to his treatment as well. I have not needed to return for surgeries and my body is getting better. It’s healing. My vision has also improved. Wow, what an added value to all of the visits. I’m blown away.
I love the team and they’ve been so helpful. The nutrition, care and attention to my special circumstances have not been plastered with the prescription of drugs and surgeries. Instead I’ve been given a real prescription to heal my body through nutrition, chiropractic and massage. Don’t get me wrong. I’m in academia, and believe strongly in western medicine. There is a place and a time for it. With Dr. Tako, you get a balanced approach to your body’s needs and the treatment planning is more comprehensive. East meets West. The information and care I received was powerful for making informed decisions that lead me to wellness.
Obviously, I do things differently at work now. My work-stations and the way I work with my hands has changed, and yet without it stopping me from getting my work done fast and correct. Quality of life, that’s what it’s about guys.
I love the fact that I don’t need surgeries, ibuprophen and that I’m not continuing to injure myself and I feel great . . . priceless!
—B.N. Palo Alto, CA

PREGNANCY (natural delivery after having had a C-Section)

My M.D. recommended medication for my irritability, poor sleep and slight depression I was having. They worked but then caused other problems and still didn’t fix the main issues totally. I also had pain in my pubic bone area and low back. My bladder also leaked when I laughed or coughed or sneezed. It was not all of the time but enough for me to start beginning to think about it.
With my first child I had to have C-section. It IS what it is, but since my OBGYN did not practice V-BAC (Vaginal Birth after C-Section) delivery, I changed providers and found a midwife that did agree to help me deliver my second child naturally after having had a C-section. The mid-wife directed to be proactive and see Dr. Tako right away so that my pre and post-delivery would go smoothly.
Dr. Tako’s chiropractic care during my pregnancy was wonderful. I got through my 3rd trimester with very little discomfort. My delivery time was short, my recovery time also easy. I continued to see him after Simon was born. The nutrition guidance and support from the supplements helped me stay hydrated, rested and producing good flow during my breast-feeding months. Simon was also seen. That’s another story worth mentioning. He sleeps better, is less fussy and is doing so well.
Dr. Tako helped me strengthen my pelvic area, worked on my C-section scar and this helped stop my bladder from leaking. I also feel more energetic and my blue moods are few and if they do come they are not for long and are far between. More than normal, I feel HAPPY and my body is stronger, and I feel an overall balance to my moods. Not feeling restless and my sleep overall has improved. Thank you Dr. Tako.

— A.M. Cupertino, CA


Dr. Tako has been my chiropractor since I was a young adult. I have played water polo since I was 13 and have continued it into my young adult life.
I believe in chiropractic care and know from personal experience it benefits the body. My coach, MD and of course my body all confirm it is the best think for someone like me.
My sports injuries have shorter recovery time with his nutrition supplements and I don’t have cravings like I use to because I no longer starve my body. He has taught me how to properly care for my body during my big work-outs and I don’t feel run down.
I live in new Jersey now, but do get in to see him or Dr. Rob from time to time. I owe my sports stamina, wins and feeling great to these docs! They are the best.
— Tracy W., Jersey City, New Jersey


Being a post-grad student, married, and working full-time in a competitive field, engineering, it was a recipe for disaster. I finally hit the wall. I could not sleep well. When I would wake up I found myself clenching my teeth. My head, neck, back were in a complete state of always being tight. At work I had a hard time focusing and remembering things.
Dr. Tako did his muscle testing and other tests to get me out of this mess. Within days I was feeling better. After a couple of months, I was 70% better and now after only seeing him once every other month I am more than 90% feeling great. I attribute the 10% not feeling well due to me and my habits, my environment and overall just living in the Bay Area. Hey, but I’ll take the 90% feeling great any day of the week!
Thanks Dr. Tako. My wife and I have moved to Texas now. We will continue to take the Standard Process supplements. We hope to find a chiropractor ½ as good as you. You’ve really gotten my body and mind in a good place.
— Kartik P. Austin, TX